Contractor Guardian Plus

Did you know the IR35 has to be considered for every contract you enter into, including extensions?
Whether you are wanting to check that your client has got your status right and are not exposed to any tax liability, or you are contracting for exempt clients and therefore liable for your own IR35 status, we can help.

Our extremely popular Contractor Guardian Plus product is a 12 month service that covers unlimited contract reviews and additional benefits including HMRC defence.  This service is very cost effective if you require more than one review in a year, potentially saving you £100s off the price of a single review.

For £435 + VAT, Contractor Guardian Plus includes the following:

  • Unlimited reviews
  • Review of written contract
  • Review of working practices
  • Contract negotiation
  • Written IR35 opinion
  • HMRC defence up to tribunal stage* (*for any contracts reviewed and passed)
  • This service now includes unlimited access FREE OF CHARGE (normally £245+VAT per review) to our SOS Service, enabling our CGP clients to get the right support whatever their situation and whenever they need it.
  • Here, you can read a little bit more on the wide range of benefits covered in our reviews.

Review turnaround time: 5 working days (we can accommodate urgent reviews where possible)

To purchase the Contractor Guardian Plus service, please complete our Status Questionnaire and submit with your contractual documents.

Why should I choose this service?

This service offers the extremely valuable benefit of reviewing all engagements subject to the previous IR35 rules (when contracting for exempt clients), second opinions for all client determinations under the new IR35 rules, and free HMRC defence for your outside IR35 contracts in the event of an investigation in to your status, where fees can very quickly amount to thousands of pounds.

By reviewing all of your contracts we are building your compliance history and you can use the service for speculative contracts.

Under Contractor Guardian Plus we will defend your case from the first stage all the way up to tribunal* stage completely free of charge.

Whether you are new to IR35 or have been contracting for some time any decisions regarding your income and IR35 status are probably the most important ones you will ever make.  Let us use our detailed knowledge of this complex legislation to help you to get it right now.

We enjoy excellent relationships with hirers and most agencies large and small, above all we are completely independent.

A contract review now will provide a sound basis for your status decision, evidence to demonstrate that you have taken “reasonable care” to protect yourself from penalties as required by HMRC and our opinion is accepted by providers for legal expenses and IR35 insurances.

IR35 is concerned with “relevant engagements” which means each and every contract and/or extension so by choosing Contractor Guardian Plus you can have preferential access to our review services, save significantly on our normal review fees and can demonstrate that you have taken reasonable care to establish your IR35 status.

How does it work?

  • Complete the Status Questionnaire and submit with your contractual documents
  • We will issue you with a receipt and confirm your service dates.
  • All your contracts are covered from the start of your year of service.
  • Each time you enter into a new contract or extension during the year you will need to submit the relevant documents to us for review. Further status questionnaires are only needed in the case of extensions to contracts we have reviewed if your working practices have changed e.g. a new or different project or deliverable.

If you have ever used our Contractor Guardian Plus service and you’ve received a letter or contact from HMRC regarding your IR35 status please contact us immediately.

Our Terms and Conditions:

We will endeavour to carry out your reviews based upon a maximum five working day turnaround time and earlier in urgent cases.

All Contractor Guardian Plus services include a one page summary opinion (Pass or Fail).

Contractor Guardian Plus clients are covered for HMRC IR35 investigations up to the tax tribunal* stage.

*This does not include the costs associated with a tax tribunal hearing. We have won (not settled) every case we have ever worked without the need to go this far. As the IR35 legislation has not changed, our approach has not changed and our Contractor Guardian Plus clients are in the best possible position with all relevant contracts and working practices properly considered. We do not currently see any need to change our approach.

If you have any questions about this service, please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our experts.

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