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We understand the vital part that agencies play in today’s flexible resource marketplace and this has enabled us to build lasting relationships over many years with hundreds of organisations operating across all sectors.
We offer a full support service for the Off-Payroll rules to all parties in the contractual chain in the public and private sectors, working closely with clients, agencies, contractors and consultancies to ensure compliance with the rules and assisting to demonstrate that the party has taken “reasonable care”, as required by the legislation.

Over recent years the sheer volume of legislation that has been enacted by government to address perceived compliance issues has left many agencies struggling to understand their position and how they should best deal with the additional risks that come from failing to meet their obligations.  The latest consideration is the Off-Payroll legislation. Bauer & Cottrell are the UK’s leading company to give IR35 advice for agencies.

Bauer & Cottrell Services

We recognise that you will have different needs depending upon the size of your business, your client base and industry sector and we can tailor a bespoke service package for you.

Since the advent of the Off-Payroll rules for the public sector in April 2017 and the following private sector changes in April 2021, we have worked closely with agencies of all sizes to ensure compliance and carried out numerous training sessions and seminars and provided written material. We currently offer a whole range of services to help all concerned parties with the changes to the Off-Payroll rules. Examples of how we can help you and your clients:

  • Become a Bauer & Cottrell Associate Member for priority services, exclusive discounts and updates on all things IR35 and Off-Payroll.
  • IR35 training – bespoke packages tailored to your organisation.
  • IR35 contract drafting & clause recommendations.
  • Comprehensive IR35 / Off-Payroll reviews and assessments, as required by the legislation and demonstrating “reasonable care”.
  • IR35 helpline for use by your staff and contractors.
  • Assist you and your clients to implement their own internal IR35 assessment processes if the preference is to keep this in-house.
  • We can agree to independently audit/check a percentage of your clients own internal assessments e.g. a number of cases per month, half-yearly or annually or you could just involve us in the difficult cases to ensure that their processes and opinions continue to meet HMRC’s “reasonable care” requirement and are in accordance with up to date case law.
  • If the legislation requires clients to provide an independent dispute resolution process we can provide/support this and can deal with contractors on your client’s behalf.
Let Bauer & Cottrell take the strain – we have been facilitating excellent relationships between agencies and contractors for more than 20 years.

Please contact a member of our team today to discuss how we can help.

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