Contracted-Out Service Supply Chain Review

Understanding IR35 responsibilities, managing risks, and ensuring supply chain compliance

At Bauer & Cottrell, we recognise the complexity of contracted-out services when it comes to the off-payroll working rules.  Where contractors are involved, such arrangements have significant impact on where the IR35 / off-payroll working responsibility sits within a supply chain.  For public sector and medium/large private sector engagers seeking to procure services in this manner, it is critical that the chain of contracts and working practices fully support that of a genuine outsourced-service in order for their organisation to be absolved of any IR35 responsibilities.

Our Contracted-Out Service Supply Chain Review service is designed to provide clarity for all parties, helping to establish exactly where the IR35 responsibility sits and mitigate risks for both consultancies and engagers involved in service outsourcing, all assisting towards the obligation to take ‘reasonable care’.

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What’s covered in the review?
  • Review of all contracts & related documents through the chain: from all tender and proposal documentation, to the chain of agreements between client, supplier and contractor, we thoroughly analyse all formal written documentation.
  • Review of the reality of the arrangements: we assess the reality of the actual working relationships, to identify any gaps or non-alignment with the written contracts.
  • Contract amendments (if appropriate): we can recommend and facilitate contract amendments where necessary to ensure any written terms align with the reality of the arrangements.
  • In-depth discussion on findings: we engage in detailed discussions with you to share our findings, address concerns, and provide guidance on IR35-related matters.
  • Written report: we provide a written report outlining our findings, associated risks, and practical recommendations.
  • Template contracts (if appropriate): we can provide template contractual documentation if necessary.
How do consultancy providers and engagers benefit from this service?

1. Clearly identifies responsibilities and obligations

Our review ensures that every party in the service supply chain fully understands their roles and obligations under the off-payroll working rules, eliminating confusion and potential disputes, and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

2. Prevents IR35-related project disruptions and secures contractor workforce

By proactively identifying and addressing the position at the outset, the risk of IR35 status related disputes being raised midway through the contract is mitigated, instilling confidence and a more secure contract workforce.

3. Demonstrates reasonable care

Vital for ensuring full IR35 compliance.

4. Equips you for HMRC audits

Our comprehensive review leaves all parties better prepared to handle any potential HMRC IR35 audit, reducing the risk of costly investigations and penalties.

We have already helped countless organisations establish their responsibilities within even the most complex contractual chains.  Leave your IR35 due diligence in our capable hands – expertise you can trust.
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