Off-Payroll rules will not be repealed

We have spent three weeks dreaming of a new IR35/Off-payroll world.  Time to wake up and realise it was very much a dream.  It is as you were for all in the contractual chain and any thoughts of changing business structures or thoughts of saving £thousands by cutting onerous business costs of compliance with the rules are probably lost for many years to come.

Experience is key

All is not lost though, as we have been dealing with the rules for 5 years in the public sector and 18 months in the private sector and it is clear that it is perfectly possible to comply with the rules and still achieve access to the best talent and a fair and accurate IR35 outcome.

IR35/Off-payroll certainty

As always, with the right advice, compliance can be achieved and certainty can be gained without risk.

Bauer & Cottrell

We have been dealing with IR35 (Chapter 8) since 1999 and Off-payroll (Chapter 10) since 2016 – prior to the legislation – and have worked and won hundreds of HMRC IR35 investigations.  If you need unbiased professional advice please call us today.