Services & IR35 Advice for Hirers

If you are a medium or large private sector organisation and you engage contractors, you will be impacted by the IR35/Off-Payroll Reform that comes in to effect in April 2021.
We offer a full support service for the Off-Payroll rules to all parties in the contractual chain in the public and private sectors, working closely with clients, agencies, contractors and consultancies to ensure compliance with the rules and assisting to demonstrate that the party has taken “reasonable care”, as required by the legislation.

What Should I Do Now?

Now is the time for medium and large businesses to review their current use of contractors and establish future needs in relation to projects and plans. They should also consider now how they are going to meet these new requirements.

As independent specialists we are already working with a range of organisations to help them to implement processes and best practice. The levels and types of assistance we can provide will be dependent upon the details of the final legislation. All our services can be tailored to suit requirements from access to comprehensive training materials through to simply being on the end of the phone for advice and guidance.


How Can Bauer & Cottrell Help?

The services we can provide will be bespoke to your precise requirements. Our offerings include:

  • Association with Bauer & Cottrell to gain priority for the services and would include regular IR35/Status updates (case law, tax/NIC changes any proposed changes e.g. following the Taylor review etc) and reduced rates on service provision.
  • IR35 training – face to face, telephone or written material.
  • Simple documentation highlighting the key IR35 factors to indicate the IR35 status. We can also provide a hints and tips sheets to cover behaviours and mindsets.
  • IR35 reviews and assessments – these would be based upon a review of the written contract and the input of a hirer employee in a position to comment on the day-to-day working practices of the contractor. We would supply appropriate questionnaires for completion and can also gather contractor input.
  • Assist you to implement your own internal IR35 assessment processes if your preference is to keep this in-house.
  • IR35 helpline for use by your staff and possibly by your contractors.
  • Basic written IR35 opinion (inside or outside IR35). We would also run the outside IR35 cases through HMRC’s CEST tool for further assurance.
  • Provide appropriate documentation to pass to agencies and contractors.
  • We can agree to independently audit/check a percentage of your own internal assessments e.g. a number of cases per month, half-yearly or annually or you could just involve us in the difficult cases to ensure that your processes and opinions continue to meet HMRC’s “reasonable care” requirement and are in accordance with up to date case law.
  • If the legislation requires clients to provide an independent dispute resolution process we can provide/support this and can deal with contractors on your behalf.


Please contact a member of our team today if you would like to speak with one of our experts on how we can help.


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