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Bauer & Cottrell IR35 Associate Membership Scheme

When engaging contractors, IR35 / Off-Payroll status is now the most important decision that has to be made not only when an individual is starting a contract but also for each and every contract that is undertaken. IR35 has never before seen so much attention, from Government, HMRC and the media.  The recently reformed rules have brought a whole host of new responsibilities to agencies and clients, along with the obligation to exercise “reasonable care”.

Why should I consider this Associate Scheme?

If you can answer “no” to any of the following questions you may want to consider becoming a Bauer & Cottrell Associate.
  • Are you completely up to date with IR35 and all things Off-Payroll?
  • Do you have robust and tested processes in place to ensure compliance with the rules?
  • Are you confident that you can identify all the relevant parties – “engager”, “fee payer”, “relevant intermediary” AND can establish the financial risks for each party?
  • Are you able to confidently navigate tricky cases and deal with disputes and appeals?
  • Do you know how IR35 and Off-Payroll enquiries are handled by HMRC?
  • Do you train your staff including your sales staff in IR35 / Off-Payroll AND give them rapid access to IR35 experts?
  • Do you thoroughly review the contractor’s day-to-day working practices, as well as their written contract?
  • Do you believe that IR35 status can be adequately determined by using an automated “tool” or “status calculator” in isolation?
  • Are you fully up to date with the guidance and shortcomings of HMRC’s CEST tool?

Bauer & Cottrell Associate Scheme

Bauer & Cottrell enjoys an excellent reputation, based on our principles of honesty and integrity. We have been specialising in this field for more than 20 years.

We offer a full support service for IR35 and the Off-Payroll rules to all parties in the contractual chain in the public and private sectors, working closely with clients, agencies, contractors, consultancies and accountancy service providers to ensure compliance with the rules and assisting to demonstrate that the party has taken “reasonable care“, as required by the legislation.

We provide the most comprehensive services available and we talk to our clients to ensure we have gathered all the facts.  Whatever the result we give an opinion that can be relied upon.

If you share our principles and would like to be considered as a Bauer & Cottrell Associate please read on.

What is included for each year of association?

  • Priority access to Bauer & Cottrell status experts by way of an IR35 helpline, which can be used by your staff and your contractors. Sometimes you just want confirmation that you are right about something (or wrong!) A call to us is all it takes.
  • Discounts on all our IR35 / Off-payroll contract review services including our popular Contractor Guardian Plus service.
  • Assistance with all IR35/Off-Payroll issues whenever required.
  • A tailored service. We will tailor your membership to meet your needs, wherever you sit in the contractual chain. Whether you just want us to deal with the tricky cases or deal with everything IR35/Off-payroll we can provide, as little or, as much support as you need just when you need it.

What does it cost?

To become a Bauer & Cottrell Associate the fee is £1,500 per annum plus VAT. Fees may be increased for some agencies or very large providers and are subject to any tailored requirements we may agree with you.

Who should apply?

This scheme is suitable for accountancy service providers, agencies, hirers, clients, consultancies and others providing services to or with an interest in IR35 and tax/NIC status issues.

Benefits to you

  • Priority access to our services
  • Discounted fees
  • The benefits of dealing with Independent Specialists with an exceptional track record over 22+ years of all things IR35 and Off-payroll including a 100% success rate of defending HMRC IR35 investigations.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to ensuring your staff, contractors, clients and potential clients have access to the latest information, guidance and support on IR35 issues in association with Bauer & Cottrell who are independent and impartial.
  • Demonstrates commitment to shared principles of honesty and integrity.
  • Enhanced marketing and business development opportunities and much more.

If you would like to become an Associate Member, please complete and submit our order form.

There is no obligation to purchase any of our IR35 contract review services or to make use of any other Bauer & Cottrell services/material supplied, as part of our association.

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